The creation of the Shilajit

Though millions of years, the lush vegetation that covered Asia decomposed and deposited in layers. Natural forces, plate tectonics in particular, put an increasing amount of pressure on these layers. For several millennia, more than 6.500 different plant species lived in some kind of geological symbiosis, which created a thick, black, resinous material trapped deep in the Himalaya, Caucasus and other known mountain rangers in the region. Increasing pressure underground caused the Shilajit resin to seep from the cracks in the rocks. Shilajit is the mountain resin, the blood of the mountain.

People in the Himalayas and other mountain ranges in the Indian subcontinent have known the Shilajit resin for thousands of years. The legend has it that the people in the Himalayas were watching the summer migration of the white monkeys, when they discovered that monkeys chewed a thick resinous material that seeped thought the cracks in the rocks during the warm summer months. They attributed the strength and the health of these monkeys to this resinous material and started to use it themselves out of curiosity. They noticed a number of health benefits from this mysterious compound immediately. It did not take long for the Shilajit resin to become one of the key elements in the ayurvedic medicine. The ancient ayurvedic text entitled Charaka Samita states that there is not an illness in this universe that could not be treated efficiently with the Shilajit. "There is no treatable illness in the universe that cannot be cured with Shilajit under the condition that it is taken at the right time and in combination with the right medicines and according to the prescribed method. When a healthy person takes Shilajit, it gives them an extraordinary boost of energy.«

In nature, the Shilajit resin appears in different colours - from white to black. It is believed that the darker it is, more nutrients it contains.
Virgin Shilajit

The Process of Extraction and Filtration

The Elite Shilajit dietary supplement contains only 100% natural mountain resin. The Shilajit resin that seeps though the rocks contains a lot of impurities, which is the result of the extensive creation of the resin. In order to provide all health benefits of the natural Shilajit and faultless product, the Elite Shilajit dietary supplement contains purified Shilajit resin. The scientific research of the Silajit resin is based on studying of the purified resin. Only purified Shilajit resin is safe for use and it ensures the described positive health benefits.

The purification process follows the traditional ayurvedic purification method - the Silajit resin is washed thoroughly with water and filtered in order to dispose of substances that are insoluble in the water. The Shilajit solution is concentrated with heating at higher temperatures (at the same time, the temperature must not be too high since some positive characteristics are). This allows the formation of creamy layers of Shilajit, which are harvested multiple times, thus giving us pure Shilajit. The described purification process is the only one that preserves most efficient bioactive ingredients of the Shilajit resin, especially the fulvic and humic acid, as well as dibenzo-alpha-pyrones.