Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of the Elite Shilajit dietary supplement?

Elite Shilajit strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves digestion, alleviates symptoms of chronic fatigue and insomnia, increases physical performance and energy level, enhances the immune system, reduces stress and anxiety, inhibits inflammatory reactions, has a rejuvenating effect, improves sex drive, prevents hair loss, detoxifies the body, improves fertility, regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels, stimulates hormone balancing and so on.

Why is the Elite Shilajit dietary supplement so effective?

The Elite Shilajit dietary supplement contains over 80 beneficial nutrients required for optimal functioning of the human body. There is no substance in nature richer than shilajit in nutrients and minerals. Minerals are found in ionic form, allowing the body to absorb them easily and use them for cell growth and preservation. Furthermore, fulvic and humic acids in the Elite Shilajit dietary supplement increase the absorption and effect of other medicines and dietary supplements taken.

Can I ingest the Elite Shilajit dietary supplement if I am taking other medicines?

As for all other dietary supplements, you are recommended to consult your personal physician before use. The Elite Shilajit dietary supplement is known for its healing effects and is not related with adverse side effects or reactions to other medicines. If you are taking other medicines, it is recommended that you take the Elite Shilajit dietary supplement 2 hours before or after taking the medicine, since Elite Shilajit could affect the absorption of the medicine if taken at the same time.

What is the recommended daily intake?

The recommended daily intake of the Elite Shilajit dietary supplement for general use and preservation of optimal health is between 300 and 900mg. You are advised to start with a daily dose of 300mg of Elite Shilajit and gradually add 100mg per day until you reach desired results.

The effect of Elite Shilajit differs from one individual to another, depending on one’s body weight and medical condition. The effects described can be felt soon after the first intake. After several days, users typically report about improved digestion, increased energy and improved sleep and well-being. Anyhow, all effects of Elite Shilajit will be felt after several weeks of regular use.

Does the Elite Shilajit dietary supplement contain shilajit resin in natural form or purified resin?

Shilajit as found in nature contains a great deal of impurities as a result of long-lasting formation of resin. To provide all therapeutic effects of natural shilajit while preserving the product unblemished, the Elite Shilajit dietary supplement contains purified shilajit resin. The purification process follows the traditional Ayurvedic purification method, i.e. shilajit is thoroughly rinsed with water and then filtered to extract water-insoluble impurities. The shilajit solution is then concentrated by heating it at a high temperature. That forms creamy layers of shilajit, which are skimmed several times to obtain pure shilajit. The described purification process is the only one that can preserve the most bioactive ingredients of shilajit resin.

Does the use of shilajit cause side effects?

The Elite Shilajit product is based on natural ingredients that ordinarily do not cause side effects. Very rarely, allergy reactions to any of the ingredients are possible. In such case, stop using the product.

When can I expect the first results?

The first effects and results can be expected after a few days of taking Elite Shilajit. Upon first use, one can expect increased energy, enhanced concentration and improved sleep and digestion.

I posted an order, when can I expect Elite Shilajit?

Your order will be sent to you no later than the following business day. All consignments are sent by DPD logistic service, which guarantees delivery within 1‒3 business days. You will also receive two messages with tracking information to your e-mail address.

I did not get any confirmation e-mail?

If you don’t receive confirmation e-mail within 24 hours after submitting your order, first check the spam folder. If the message is not under that folder, please contact us by sending an e-mail to info@elite-shilajit.com.

How can I save up on postal charges?

If you decide to order several boxes at a time (three or more), you will receive a quantity discout and your shipping will be free of charge.

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